herbal medicine ingredients

Herbal Medicine – Know the Advantages and Disadvantages

At a time when most medicines are science based, herbal medicines are still popular worldwide. In fact, home remedies or alternative medicines are often the most used to treat common ailments. But, use of herbal compositions is not just limited to the usual remedial measures taken for cough and cold. There are also times when doctors too have suggested the herbal medicines for serious conditions such as kidney stones and ulcer. Even reproductive problems and addictions1 have been reportedly cured by these natural means.

Two thirds of all the plants in the world have medicinal properties and are mostly found in developing countries. However, it is important to understand that not all herbal medicines are beneficial for health. Some of these may not have any effect at all and can cause further damage.


herbal medicine ingredients
herbal medicine ingredients


Research shows that over 40% of the key ingredients in plants can be used for prescription drugs.2 Though herbs seem to be harmless, these can be potentially dangerous for some patients. The reason is that herbs are not understood by most people at all. So you can expect some side effects, which is in contrast to these medicines being promoted as natural (hence gentle).3


All-natural ingredients

The plant based composition of herbal medicines – both home remedies and commercial products, are all made from natural ingredients. These are mostly prepared from plant extracts that contain these essential elements.

As herbal supplements are made from nature-based components, it is most likely that they will not cause any negative impact on your body.But, certain pharmaceutical companies may include some synthetic chemicals in an attempt to raise the effectiveness of their herbal pills. Hence, it is important to do adequate research and opt for herbal medicines that are approved by government regulatory bodies.

Lower in side effects

Not all herbal medicines may cause harmful side effects as they are made of natural components. They are often less strong than other medicinal drugs. Also, the chances of developing any serious allergic reaction from intake of herbal medicine is not there as well. Just make sure that the medicine is 100% safe to use. Again, consulting a doctor is always advisable prior to the intake of any kind of medicinal drugs.

Lot cheaper in price

In fact, herbal medicines are quite low in cost compared to the synthetic supplements. Since, these are natural-based, most of the components are derived from nature. The cost of importing expensive ingredients is not involved, thus making them readily available. You can save both gas and money by making your own remedial medicine from the herb plant in your backyard or kitchen!


Unsuitable for several chronic illnesses

Modern diagnostic tests and drugs are often unable to treat serious health conditions such as a heart attack, trauma, fracture, and more.

Effects take a long time to show up

Most herbal medicines need a longer time to take effect fully. They show signs of improvement by continued usage and practicing a disciplined lifestyle for weeks, months, and sometime even years. As is with any good thing to become reality, intake of herbal supplements and its impact to be seen does take a lot of patience!

Lack of dosage and regulation

One of the key missing aspect of herbal medicines is that you may be causing harm to yourself with self-dosing. Well, without any proper instruction laid down for the consumption, herbal cures can g risky. Also, because there isn’t any regulatory body you may end up bung inferior quality medicines.

It is wise to research before starting with an alternative medicine regimen. The important thing is to understand that the herbal medicine is the best solution for healing your health concern. Choose herbal products that are created with a specific formulation, and of course consult your healthcare provider before doing so.