Popular Herb: Wolfberries or Goji Berries

Is there Another Option to Seeing a Doctor for a Cure?

There are different forms of medicine out there that offer distinct benefits and experiences. Herbalism is our topic here. Depending on your history, you may be more compelled to go with one form over another, or you may be ready to try something new, due to the frustrating fact that you haven’t gotten the results you’ve been looking for from other treatments. Either way, it doesn’t matter how you got here, the point is that you’re here looking for information on a new type of treatment that will help you out in either short or for the long term. Do you want a herbal treatment for depression? This should give you a fair introduction to herbalism and treatment, and the benefits that it can offer you. Here you will find some answers to your questions about this topic:

Wolfberries or Goji Berries: Used for Herbal Medicine
Wolfberries or Goji Berries: Used for Herbalism


What is Herbalism?
Herbalism or Herbal medicine is exactly what you think it is, medicine techniques that uses herbs in order to make itself effective. You don’t often hear about it being used for treatment of severe conditions such as cancer or diabetes, but it can be effective in other treatments such as Alzheimers or insomnia. While you may not associate these conditions as being serious or life-altering, they are actually quite important and need to be treated the same way as something like cancer or diabetes.

There tend to be differing success rates in how effective herbalism is, but the agreed-on fact is that it does work when prescribed and practiced by serious practitioners that have the proper training to make a difference in each person’s life.

The thing to remember when learning about herbalism (which we will talk about more in a minute), is that there never used to be a divide between that and modern medicine. The barrier that you have in your head is there as created by history in our Western world. Both can exist hand in hand when practiced and combined properly. See herbal medicine supplements at this website www.ausnathealth.com.au


What is a herbalist?
To start you off, don’t think of a herbalist as anything different than a doctor. The truth of it all is that they are very similar to each other, just in a different form. Yes, that seems contradictory, but it’s how it works. Herbalists are official practitioners that, just like doctors, specialize and train in a certain line of study within their field. They go under extensive training and are constantly updating their education on the job so that they can improve their technique for the better.

Trained especially in herbs and natural medicines, a herbalist is someone who offers medical services to patients using only these kinds of treatments, instead of relying on “modern” medicines that you can find behind a pharmacy wall. This isn’t to say that herbalists are witches or anything of the sort, they are just trained practitioners that rely on natural and historical methods to heal patients. More information on herbalism – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbalism.


What is the difference between herbs and spices?
No matter how familiar you are with the term “herb”, you probably can’t figure out how to tell the difference in a discussion between herbs and spices, am I right? Well, you aren’t alone. There is not much of a difference between a herb and a spice in the sense that they are in the same category in nature. The difference becomes, then, where they come from and how they are used.

Spices tend to include any part of a plant that tends to grow in tropical locations. This could include the seed, stem, bark, skin, etc. The perfect example of a spice would be chili, ginger or turmeric. These examples are products from tropical locations that come from the dried out plants and skin and stems, etc. Now, compare that to a herb.

In all cases, herbs are the green and leafy part of the plant, or in other words, the “green” part of the plant which is to be used. Think of basil or oregano. These are both from the leaves of the plant, and never come from the root or the stem of the product itself, right? This is how you can tell the difference in which is which without having to worry a lot about remembering it purely by name.

It’s important to note that just because a spice has nutritional/health benefits, it is not better treatment than herbs. Make sure this is clear in your mind. More information on herbal medicine at www.ausnathealth.com.au, Also See Quick Guide to Every Herb and Spice in the Cupboard – www.thekitchn.com/quick-guide-to-every-herb-and-spice-in-the-cupboard-108770.


australia natural health medicine
australia natural health medicine


Conventional vs. Alternative medicine
So, as mentioned, natural medicine (in this title name, it would fall under “alternative”) has been around for a long time. It’s been used by our ancestors for many years and has saved many lives across the world, even today. So, why is it so frowned upon?

Most of it comes from the fact that people think conventional medicine is a sure thing. It is meant to take away pain and treat the problem with fast and sure results. The thing is, natural medicine takes a look at the pain itself before treating it. The pain will tell you that we’re doing something we shouldn’t be: eating too much, not getting enough exercise, etc. Natural medicine helps us get to the root of the problem and then tackle it with the help of the quieting agents that natural painkillers can give.

A lot of people think that one is better than the other, but the truth that herbalists can show you is that both can work together hand in hand and provide a much better treatment plan so that no one has to live in pain or with disease. A combined team would be a great way to take care of all sorts of disorders.

No one is saying that conventional medicine is bad. It’s just that alternative medicine can offer a better life experience by treating problems in a different way. Thus, if you’ve had no luck with modern medicine, perhaps you could consider the option of turning to medicinal herbs. It could make the difference between a successful treatment plan or not. The trick is to combine both together and create a killer plan, if possible. The choice is yours.


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