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Seaweed Kelp Health Benefits

When you’re speaking about nutritional supplements, most of the people would not name kelp among them but the truth is that, kelp is having a lot of benefits due to which, people are starting to use it in smaller amounts to derive these health benefits. We would be speaking about the various health benefits of kelp and how you can use it. It is also used as a medicinal herb. See more explanation about herbal medicine.

For those of you who are not aware, kelp is a type of seaweed. You can easily find kelp in the shallow waters and in the salt water bodies.

We would be discussing about the health benefits of kelp are below.


fresh kelp
Fresh Kelp


1. Protection from radiation:
There are very few substances in nature which can protect you from radiation and kelp is one of them. Kelp contains iodine in significant proportions and therefore it can help the thyroid gland in avoiding the consumption or absorption of irradiated iodine. Thus, it can help you in avoiding the radiation poisoning as well. Radiation poisoning can also cause cancer.

2. Hormonal balance:
The iodine ensures that the metabolism speed is proper in our body and it also ensures that the thyroid gland is working in a proper balance which ensures that the hormonal activity in our body is proper as well.

Moreover, due to the proper functioning of the metabolism, the fat would be properly burned in the body and also the enzyme activity throughout the body would be proper as well.

3. Maintaining the pH balance:
Kelp is alkaline food which helps you in maintaining the acid and the bases balance in your body. Thus, the PH balance of the body is always maintained as well.

4. Mineral density in bones:
kelp consist of a lot of minerals like boron, manganese, copper, zinc and other such minerals all of which are actually needed by our body in smaller amounts. By consuming kelp, you can provide all of these nutrients to your body without having to rely on any other nutritional supplements. This significantly improves your bone health.

5. Source of proteins:
Kelp not only consists of minerals but it also consists of 16 different types of amino acids which can help in the formation of protein in your body.

So, if you’re looking into the health benefits of kelp, you have to look into these 5 benefits and you would realise that it is actually a super food and not just the nutritional supplement.


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